our story.

He was 12 years old and already standing at 6 feet tall when he decided what he wanted to do when he grew up: Be the next Kobe Bryant.

By the time he was a freshman, he had already lived in dozens of different cities. Growing up in a household living on less than $1,300 a month, there were nights where he wasn’t sure he’d ever have the opportunity to play pro basketball, and some nights where he didn’t even know if his family would have enough to eat the next day.

But Jay Field didn’t let that stop him from excelling at his passion. He poured his heart and skill onto that basketball court. And it paid off. As a high school freshman basketball player, he was already catching the attention of college coaches and recruiters. But he quickly got lost in the recruitment shuffle when the financial strain on his family caused him to move from city to city — attending four different high schools. And he couldn’t afford to pay the funds that would put him back on the scene — the AAU circuit.

Jay continued to play in junior college, though, then attended the University of Redlands. Because of his family’s financial situation and with an understanding that many athletes suffer financially soon after retirement, Jay pursued a career in finance. After four years, he realized he still had a passion for sports and wanted to find his way back to that passion. In 2014, the opportunity to become a sports agent fell right into his lap. And one year later, on January 22 to be precise, he launched his own sports agency.

Managing top talent around the world, Jay never forgot his dreams of playing pro basketball. And he knew he wasn’t the only athlete out there who had the skill but lacked the opportunity to pursue their dreams. So he put his business talent to work for his sports passion — and he created a platform to give athletes, coaches and fans the chance to be seen and heard, and more importantly, to tell their stories.

Our story begins with a high school freshman athlete who got lost in the shuffle — and it turns into SportsLync.

our mission.

To connect athletes, coaches and fans on a platform where people with a passion for sports can share their story.

our vision.

To give every athlete the opportunity to inspire the world by sharing their journey, one story at a time.

Sports isn’t just about going from playing in high school to college to pro. And SportsLync isn’t just another social networking platform to help you get recruited.

Sports is a lifelong passion that unites us, a journey we all share, generation after generation.

And we’re here to give you the power to share your story with the world. Whether you’re at the grassroots, collegiate, or pro level; whether you’re a coach, an athlete, a parent, an agent, or a fan, we’re all about telling your story and helping you build your brand.

our beliefs.

Our beliefs define us.
Bring us together.
Help us do better.

For Us. For You. For All who Love Sports.
For the World.

Our values drive us to work hard, to make an impact, and to make the world a better place.

They’re not just words we threw together on paper — they’re the reason we get out of bed every morning (or just before noon for those of us who aren’t morning people), the reason we run the extra mile (or power walk if we aren’t runners), the reason we never give up.

We believe in HONESTY.

To earn your trust by being honest, truthful and transparent.

We believe in LISTENING.

To hear you, and to value what you have to say.

We believe in POSITIVE IMPACT.

To better the world around us through what we do and what we offer.

We believe in Empowering Your Voice.

To give every athlete a platform to be heard. It means you can share your story and your journey with the world.

We believe in DIVERSITY.

To respect and appreciate our differences. In a world where hatred is rampant, we strive to bring hope and love through our shared passion for sports.

We believe in Opportunity.

To give you a way to share your journey and story to bring the world closer together.

We believe in INTEGRITY.

To do what’s right. Without integrity, nothing else we do matters.

We believe in You.

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