Southern Starz Shootout 2021

As we all know, big things can and do come in small packages, right? With that being said, a little (small) town in the great state of Alabama was front and center April 9-11. It displayed big city “umph” by hosting a girl’s basketball event that hosted 80+ teams, with games that were played at 5 different venues, on 10 different courts, by teams with players from all surrounding states.

I know it’s not humongous like some of the events with 30-60 courts, or maybe even more, but remember I said little/small town.

Anyway, it’s not the number of courts per se, but the quality of the product that’s displayed/played on such courts. This is where the getting gets good. Games were competitive, and there were several back-and-forth down-to-the wire games. The talent level was high also, with awesome displays of dead-eye accuracy shooting from long range, good individual defense, as well as team defense being played. Stop and pop pull-up midrange shots, sweet double D (Dime Dropper) passing and “you can’t guard me” dribble drives to the hoop, were witnessed by all in attendance. Not a bad look-see for the weekend, huh?

Thanks to coach/event planner/host Doug Bush and his AL Southern Starz crew for an excellent event.

With all that being said, listed are some of the young ladies that put a little extra mustard on their hot dog, and caught my eye.

Oh, that little/small town… Cullman, AL!!

Mataya Gayle ’23 5-6 G FBC Hoopstarz UAA 16U.

Syriah Daniels ’24 5-11 W  AL Southern Starz 2024-Bush 16U.

Tatum Brown ’25 5-5 G FBC Hoopstarz UAA 16U.

Debreasha Powe ’22 6-0 F AL Southern Starz 17U EYBL-Bush.

Karla Weathers ’22 6-0 F AL Southern Starz 17U EYBL-Bush 17U

Chloe Siegel ’23 5-7 G AL Southern Starz 16U EYBL-Looney.

Sydney Mains ’24 5-10 G FBC TN Reign 15U.

Reece Beaty ’25 5-7 G FBC TN Reign 15U.

Brooklyn Tucker ’25 5-8 G ABA 2025 14U.

Tori Winslett ’22 5-8 G/F AL Southern Starz 17U-Veal.

Naomi Jones ’23 6-3 F/P AL Southern Starz 17U EYBL-Bush.

Haley Russell ’23 5-10 AL Southern Starz 2023-Harrison 16U.

Leah Brooks ’24 6-1 P AL Southern Starz 2024-Bush 16U.

Maddie Smith ’25 5-9 G AL Southern Starz 2025-Veal 14U.

Kennedi McGee ”25 6-0 P AL Southern Starz 2025-Veal 14U.

Camryn Golston ’26 5-4 G FBC Blitz 2026 13U.

Giaunni Rogers ”26 5-5 G FBC Blitz 2026 13U.

Emma Hefner ’24 5-10 F/P FBC Tipton 2024 15U.

Jazmin Williams ’24 5-10 G/W FBC TN Reign 15U.

Khania Jones ’25 5-8 G Kentucky Premier 14U-Courtney.

Rowan Walls ’25 5-6 G Kentucky Premier 14U-Courtney.

Ciara Byars ’25 6-0 F/P Kentucky Premier 15U-McClain.

Claire Johnson ’24 5-6 G Kentucky Premier 15U-McClain.

Leah Macy ’25 6-3 P Kentucky Premier 16U-Cann.

Sydney Martin ’23 5-10 F Kentucky Premier 16U-Anderson.

Emma Egan ’22 5-8 G Kentucky Premier 17U-Milby.

Zakiyah Johnson ’25 6-0 F/P Kentucky Premier 17U-Milby.

Avery Treadwell ’23 6-3 P Kentucky Premier 17U-Milby.

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